Cool Dream Mattress


The Beds

How long does it take to get the bed out of the box?

Unboxing The Dream Bed should take no more than a few minutes. We do recommend letting the Dream Bed sit and expand for about an hour before use.

Do I need a box spring with the Dream Bed?

No, if you have a platform bed or a current box spring you can use The Dream Bed with that. The Dream Bed does need a flat surface to lay on.

How can I reach support if I have a question?

Please email us at for help or assistance with questions.

How do you fit that bed in a box?

Magic! No, just kidding. We have a proprietary process by which we compress and fold The Dream Bed so that it can fit in the box for easy shipping without damaging the foam. The foam is porous, so air is able to be pushed out of the bed. This is what allows The Dream Bed to be compressed and fit in such a small box! When The Dream Bed is pulled out of the box, air rushes back into the foam, thus causing the expanding process you see once you break the air tight seal.

Can The Dream Bed ship to Canada?

Yes, but only if you order by phone. To ship to Canada please call us at (855) 708-8555.

Do I have to pay tax?

Yes, we are required to collect and remit sales tax in most states in the USA.

What if I don’t like my Dream Bed?

While we hope everyone likes their Dream Bed, in the rare case that you don’t we have a 180 night no nightmare guarantee. This means that you have 180 nights to try the product in your home. If you don’t like it you can exchange it or return it for full money back within that time. We do suggest that you try your bed for at least 30 nights as there is a break in period where your body gets accustomed to its new sleeping surface.

Will it cost me anything to return the mattress if I don’t like it?

No! All you have to do to schedule a return or exchange is call or email us at (855) 708-8555 or and we would be happy to get started on helping you return or exchange your Dream Bed.

Can The Dream Bed ship to Canada?

Yes, but only if you order by phone. To ship to Canada please call us at (855) 708-8555.

How is the Dream Bed shipped?

FedEx will most likely be the company that drops off your Dream Bed. In select cities (Chicago, Houston) your bed may be delivered by a local delivery agent. In both cases the delivery will bring the product to your door or porch. Because the box is so easy to maneuver, this delivery does not include in home/ in room drop off.